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17 Feb

Research Funding

Access to funding when you need it is essential to both emerging and established businesses. So where can you find

09 Feb

Research Funding

A best home improvement loan rate is a rate which doesn’t affect your pocket much at the time of repayment.

29 Jan

Research Funding

With people living longer and longer, funding retirement can become a stressful situation. Reverse mortgages can help home owners avoid

25 Jan

Abstract Art

It has been a long and raging argument that the abstract expressionists of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were very

20 Jan

Contemporary Art

There are many choices available today if you are a contemporary art collector. Whether online or offline, depending on your

08 Jan

Art Galleries

Europe is known for its culture and beauty in nearly every form. Those who visit this continent come away with

29 Dec

Research Funding

One of the tallest hurdles facing new businesses and entrepreneurs is funding their new venture and the fact remains that

27 Dec

Art Galleries

In this article, I write about some of the different art galleries which people can visit when they are in

25 Dec

Abstract Art

You are a connoisseur – when it comes to choosing a work of abstract art. Just like choosing a good

19 Dec

Modern Artists

Filesharing and illegal downloading has been a big issue for media companies since the late 1990s. It should come as